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Euro Wooden Pallet Manufacturer

We are the foremost Euro Wooden Pallet Manufacturer & Suppliers in India, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi.. The superior quality of the Euro Export Wooden Pallet is provided by our company that are manufactured using the best quality raw materials and the latest technology machinery that provides them the longer life and are used for the several works like stacking of products, storing of products, and also useful for materials handling and packagings.

Product Details

The product details of the Euro(EUR) Wooden Pallet are stated below
Materials Wood, soft wood or timber wood
Weight in KG 35 to 55 kg (Depending upon size)
Load Capacity 300 kg to 600 kg approx.
Pallets Size 1200x800 mm
Entry 2 ways entry or 4 ways entry
Customization Available
Shape Square or Rectangle

Features of Euro Pallets

The features of the Euro Pallets are as follows
  • They are strong in nature.
  • Play a great handling in automatic machine handling.
  • They can distribute and handle the load efficiently.
The EUR-Pallet—also Euro-Pallet or EPAL-Pallet is the standard European pallet as specified

Euro Pallets — EUR Pallet — EPAL Pallets — is the standard European Pallets and most popular in Europe. We are the leading Euro Wooden Pallet Manufacturers & Supplier in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, Bihar etc. These block pallets after passing the strict quality check they are handed over to the customers. Kindly call us or enquire us the complete solution related to the Euro Wooden Pallet is provided by us that also at the exclusive price.

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