Wooden Box Manufacturer in India

Wooden Box Manufacturer

The Vaibhavee Enterprises are the prominent Wooden Box Manufacturer in India. We make use of the best quality raw materials for the manufacturing of Wooden Box, Wooden Crates and Industrial Wooden Pallets.

The Wooden Box and Wooden Pallets are designed of the different sizes and measurements. These Wooden Packing Boxes manufactured in such a way that they possess good load bearing capacity, accurate measurement and strong construction.

The entire manufacturing process is carried out by the expertise and under their guidance. Each Wooden Packaging Box and pallets after passing the strict quality check they are handed over to the customers. By this our product are free from manufacturing defects and our company provides the complete assurance that the product manufactured and supplied by us are of the superior quality and are error free.

The Vaibhavee Enterprises are the leading Wooden Box Supplier & Exporter in India. The wooden boxes like Wooden Packaging Box, Custom Wooden Box, Small Wooden Boxes, Customized Plywood Box, etc. are provided by our company that also at the exclusive price.

These Export Wooden Box, Wooden Pallets, Wooden Shell Rolls, Wooden Crates, Wooden Planks manufactured by us are used for several purposes for different industrial and non industrial application. Besides this we are providing the Palletizing & Fumigation Services.

Wooden Packaging Box Suppliers

Wooden Box Supplier in Ahmedabad

What is a Wooden Box?

The Wooden Box is a type of container is manufactured using the different type of the wood. The woods like timber, softwood, rubber wood, engineer wood, decorative wood, pine wood, plywood, etc. is used for their manufacturing. The main purpose of the Wooden Box is that they are basically used for storing items or for their transportation. These types of Boxes/Pallets/Crates are more appropriate for packing heavy goods, as the weight distribution is more identical and these have advanced strength than cardboard. There are not any risks of dropping shape or sustaining damages when materials over a particular weight limit are packed into Pallets / Crates. These are precise strong in form, and you can utilize them to package and ship heavy as well as delicate materials. You can moreover use these for worldwide shipments because most of the states accept these wooden boxes for their global deliveries and you essential obey their norm/rules and regulations prudently.

Types of Wooden Box

  • Wooden Packaging Box
  • Custom Wooden Box
  • Pinewood Wooden Box
  • Export Packaging Wooden Box
  • Seaworthy Packaging Box
  • Small Wooden Boxes
  • Customized Plywood Box
  • Plywood Packaging Box

Benefits of Using Wooden Box

  • They are manufactured by making use of the natural material.
  • The manufacturing and repairing of this Wooden Box is quite easy.
  • These wooden boxes can be reused for several other purposes.
  • The storing and placement of these boxes is quite easy and they can be easily stacked in an efficient way.

We are Manufacturer & Supplier of Wooden Box in Ahmedabad, All Our various types of Wooden Box Pallets which are stated above.

Wood Packaging Materials Market Application

Wooden Packaging Box for Food Industry

Food Industry

Wooden Packing Box Suppliers for Beverages

Beverage Industry

Wooden Packaging Boxes for Dyes

Dyes Industry

Wooden Packaging Box for Pharma

Pharma Company

Export Wooden Packing Box for Textile

Textile Industry

Wooden Crates for agriculture

Agriculture Sectors

Industrial Wooden Pallets

Export & Import Services Providers

Export Packaging Box, Shipping Pallets for Shipping/Cargo

Shipping & Cargo Industry

Wooden Plywood Box for Plastic

Plastic Industry

Wooden Packaging Box for laminates

Laminates Industry

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Wooden Packagind Box Features

The features of the Wooden Box are as given below

  • These wooden boxes have lots of storage space.
  • Available in different sizes and as per requirement they can be selected.
  • The customization of this Wooden Box is easy and also can be designed easily as per the customer requirements.
  • These boxes or the Wooden Crates are not affected by the water, dust, temperature and varying climatic condition.
  • They are easy to carry and handle.
  • Possess superior exterior finishing.

Due to their extreme features this Wooden Boxes is highly demanded in the national and the international market.

Industrial Wooden Pallets - Boxes - Best Quality & Price

Our company is providing the best quality Wooden Boxes that also for the Affordable Price. We have an experienced team that is highly expertise to their job. The raw materials that we used for the Wooden Box manufacturing are of the best quality. As, the quality of the raw materials is directly affecting the product quality and ultimately the best raw material will provide strength and long shelf life to the Wooden Packaging Box.

The company infrastructure is well developed and spread over the region of the 10,000 square feet. We possess all the basic amenities and the modern machinery that is required for these Wooden Crates, Wooden Boxes and Wooden Pallet manufacturing. Our company owns a designing team that is continuously working to improve the design of the boxes and also design the Customized Wooden Boxes.

The entire manufacturing process is carried out automatically and under the monitoring of expertise. After that the product is passing through the quality assurance testing where our team observes each product minutely and when they are assured that the final product is free from the manufacturing defect then only they are supplied or exported to the customers.

We have clientele from Indian states and foreign countries; they are satisfied with product quality and service. Our main believe is to provide the best quality at affordable rates that too in stipulated amount of time.

Reasons to Use Wooden Boxes for Packaging

  • The entire manufacturing process takes place automatically.
  • Our company is well developed and has all modern machinery that is required in box and pallet manufacturing.
  • We have a plant that is capable of manufacturing 900 Industrial Wooden Pallets per days.
  • Besides that we have manufacturing unit of the 10,000 square foot for manufacturing process.
  • The company warehouse 75,000 square foot approx.
  • The best quality product is provided that also at low price as compared to our competitors.
  • The delivery of the product is done that also within the allotted time no despite of customer location.
  • The wide range of the Wooden Boxes of different size and designed is provided by us.

There are so many service providers that are providing the similar services as ours and situated in different parts. The above stated are the several benefits of our services that dissociate us from them. We have more than thousands of customers that are situated worldwide and have taken the benefits of our services and are satisfied with us. We believe in establishing a long term relationship with our customers.

You can freely contact us or enquire us for more details regarding the product or the services provided by our company. Our executive is available for providing the 24x7 assistance to the customers. Besides this we are also providing the service like Wooden Pallet Fumigation Services, Export Packaging, Heat Treatment ISPM 15 in India.

We are the most trusted Wooden Box Manufacturers and Suppliers in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, etc. The fast and secure delivery of the product is provided by us. The care is taken and the product packaging is carried out in such a way that no damage is caused to the boxes or pallet while supplying or exporting to them. The Vaibhavee Enterprises is the leading Wooden Pallets & Crates Exporter in India.

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