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ISPM 15 Heat Treated Pallets

We are the leading ISPM 15 Heat Treated Pallets Manufacturer in India. The main aim of our company is to provide the best quality of the product that also at the reasonable price.

The ISPM 15 means the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures Number “15”. These standards are mainly used for the terminating the pest attacks and several diseases that might spread when the wood is used as a packaging material in the national and the international markets. These pallets are provided with the heat treatment and the main benefits of providing this ISPM 15 Heat Treatment to the Industrial Wooden Pallet is that the basic composition of the wood is altered completely. During this treatment the Wooden Pallets are heated at the temperature of almost 140o for the duration of 20 to 30 minutes. These ISPM 15 Heat Treated Pallets can even sustain the wetness, moistures, and they did not degrade even in such condition. After treatment these wood pallets are secure from the fungi and the microorganism attacks.

ISPM 15 Heat Treated Pallets

Product Details

The product details of the ISPM 15 Heat Treated Pallets are stated below
Materials Wood, soft wood or timber wood
Weight in KG 35 to 55 kg (Depending upon size)
Load Capacity 300 kg to 600 kg approx.
Pallets Size 1200x800 mm
Entry 2 ways entry or 4 ways entry
Customization Available
Shape Square or Rectangle


The ISPM 15 Heat Treated Wooden Pallets features :
  • They are stronger.
  • Have heavy load bearing capacity.
  • These wooden pallets are protected from the pest attack.
  • They are waterproof in nature.
  • Fungi growth and wood rotting is terminated by using this treatment.

And this ISPM 15 Heat Treated Pallets are highly demanded by the different industries and after passing the strict quality check they are provided to the customer.

Kindly call us or enquire us for more details and we are the leading ISPM 15 Heat Treated Pallets Supplier in India.

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