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The Vaibhavee Enterprises is the Shipping Pallets Manufacturer in India and also the Wood Shipping Pallets Supplier in India. The Shipping Pallets are the type of the Wooden Pallets that are used by the shipping industry or the marine industry. The main use of the pallet is that they are used by the cargo container ship and the cargo can be easily placed on the pallets. By using these Shipping Pallets on the ship they are cargo are secured and can easily wrap in order to protect them from any unnecessary movements.

Shipping Pallets Supplier

The product details of the Shipping Pallets are stated below
Materials Wood
Weight in KG 35 to 55 kg (Depending upon size)
Load Capacity 600 kg to 1300 kg approx.
Pallets Size 800x800mm, 1000x1000mm, 1200x1200mm, 1200x800 mm, 1200x1000 mm, 1200x800 mm, 1200x800 mm, etc.
Entry 4 ways entry
Customization Available
Shape Square or Rectangle

Features of Shipping Pallets

The Wooden Shipping Pallets features are as follows
  • They are stronger.
  • Have heavy load bearing capacity.
  • They are waterproof in nature.
  • The standards and the excellent design.
  • They are suitable to use in different weather.

You can call us or enquire us for more details and the best quality Shipping Pallets in Ahmedabad are manufactured and supplied by us that too on Exclusive Price.

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